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The best quality web developers you can find, who focus onĀ you. Where we take each client personal, provide quality service, at an affordable rate - generally cheaper than our competitors. We are all about helping you!

Our Story

Starting from the ground up with little money to invest, our founder saw an opportunity in web developing in 2008. Since 2008, Donald (founder) has primarily built websites for his personal use and for friends; however, he saw a much bigger calling in building professional, high quality, affordable websites for others. To help another person or business succeed is the ultimate goal. Our success lies directly on your success - we will succeed, and therefore, so will you.

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About the Team

More coming soon - preparing profiles for the team. For now, enjoy a little bit about the founder.

Donald Faulknor Jaguar Web Development
Donald Faulknor (Founder and CEO)

About Donald Faulknor

Donald Faulknor is a single dad with 4 children. His youngest child is his first girl, 2.5 years old. Tyler is 14, Jaden is 12, and Brandon is 7. He lives in a small, comfortable house in Deltona, Florida (Central Florida).

Donald Faulknor has been programming since 2008, mostly for personal use. He decided to bring his talents to help others succeed in life by helping their business (or personal) websites succeed and thrive. Mr. Faulknor is an autodidactic, whereas, pretty much everything he knows (not just programming) was self-taught.

Donald Faulknor also has 3 classes left to graduate college with an Information Technology degree, where he learned about servers, networks, and computer hardware. This was placed on hold temporarily until Donald can earn the funds to return to school.

Donald Faulknor is friendly, caring, smart, dedicated, and most importantly, an amazing daddy to four beautiful children.

By becoming a client of Jaguar Web Development, you're not only helping your company succeed, or Jaguar Web Development succeed, but you're providing opportunity to four young children.

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