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What is Jaguar Web Development? is the company website of Jaguar Web Development built by Jaguar Web Development. We cater to all sorts of needs, wants, and budgets.

What Services Does Jaguar Web Development Provide?

Jaguar Web Development provides the following services and more:

How Much Does Jaguar Web Development Services Cost?

The prices vary for each individual client and none of the following prices are a guarantee until you receive an individualized quote from Jaguar Web Development; however, as an idea:


Our WordPress websites usually range from $75 to $250, depending on the extensibility and may cost more if very extensive and time-consuming work is requested. Each website at these costs receive up to 12 hours of work from us. That averages to: $6.25 to $20.83 per hour, whereas other developers charge between $20 and $50 per hour (but closer to $50). At Jaguar Web Development, we believe money isn’t everything and we strive to keep your costs low so you can focus on what really matters, your business, website, and/or cause.

Company and Business Websites

This can greatly vary, depending on the type of website you want. If you wish to have a WordPress company website, the above prices would apply, ranging from $75 to $250, or possibly more depending on the extensibility of the website. If you want to have a custom coded website, this will essentially be an hourly rate as there are many, many lines of code to write in a custom coded website and it’s hard to determine how long a website will take prior to the start of the project.

Custom Coded Websites

There’s many reasons why you might want a custom coded (and more expensive) website than a platform, such as WordPress. Custom coded websites essentially have an unlimited level of opportunity and possibilities. Things that can’t be done with WordPress, Joomla, Wix, etc. For example, if you want a social network like Facebook, with a messenger, friends, pages, profiles, pictures, videos, groups, etc., then I would recommend a custom coded website, but the expense can be phenomenal, ranging from a couple thousand dollars (simple, limited feature website) to $50,000, or more (complete social network).

E-Commerce Websites

The path you take on this would largely depend on the features you want available. I can build you an e-commerce store for $250 to $400 with WordPress. But, it might not have every feature you want. A custom coded e-commerce store (depending on the extensibility), might be somewhere around $2,500 to $40,000. That’s a pretty big range because there’s much to consider in the price of this. We’ll probably bill hourly of around $25 per billable hour… about half or more than half of what other developers would charge.

Social Networking Websites

As mentioned above, a complete social network (extensive features, etc.) could run about $50,000 or more. But think of that large price this way. Would you be willing to pay only $50,000 to buy Facebook? Now, we’re not saying the site we build will be as good as Facebook, better than Facebook, or worse than Facebook… but, it’ll be different… and it’ll be yours!


Forums are essentially easy if you wish to use an existing platform (versus the more expensive path of custom coded) and therefore, the price will remain the same as a WordPress site, $75 to $250 (or more for extensibility). WordPress can be turned into a forum with plugins and a proper theme. Also, there is standalone software available, such as MyBB and phpBB, which is similar to WordPress (in the manner of setting up)… install it, optimize settings, create posts (in forum language, this would be “topics”), etc.

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