Did you know Jaguar Web Development

  • Mobile apps are used more than websites.
    • We can build your mobile app for you to complement a website we also build for you... or just an app, if you want.
  • Android is the most bought operating system in the world.
    • We can build your Android app for you... we can also make an iOS app too.
  • Advertising is the most popular source of revenue for mobile apps.
    • We can (if you want) implement advertising into your mobile app, which YOU get paid for.
  • Everyday, 4,375 new apps are released on the Google Play Store.
    • Let us help you be a part of that figure.

Android versus iOS

Android is the number 1 operating system in the world, even comparable to Microsoft Windows. This is largely due to the cost difference, whereas Android (Google) is MUCH cheaper and more affordable than iOS (Apple). However, still many people use both operating systems. It is best you have an app developed for both. Keep in mind, we charge separate prices for Android apps and iOS apps.