Victor Zugg

As an author of seven novels I figured it was time to build an author website. I wanted it easy to maintain, simple, but professional in appearance, something that could grow over time. I had used WordPress before, for a blog years earlier, but apparently had forgotten whatever I knew about using the program. Relearning its many capabilities would have taken too much valuable time away from writing. Enter Jaguar Web Development. Donald Faulknor swooped in like a, well, like a Jaguar. With a domain and hosting in hand, I had only to provide him with some graphics and text. He took it from there, whipped it all together in a matter of a couple of days, and I was off to the races with exactly the kind of site I had envisioned. Actually, it was much better than what I had envisioned, built with functions I didn’t even know existed. There’s something to be said for having years of experience with a vast knowledge of CSS and HTML. He was even able to ‘tweak’ the WordPress theme by diving deep into its vast ocean of bits and bites. If you need a website or blog, simple or complex, give Donald a call. I’m glad I did. He was fair, flexible, very capable, and responsive. Thanks Donald!