• Did you know Jaguar Web DevelopmentThere were 4.1 billion internet users as of December 2018? This number increases by about 400 million users per year.
    • That's a huge opportunity for your business to get new customers through your website - we'll make that happen!
  • The internet is expected to influence 3.45 trillion dollars in sales in 2019.
    • Imagine if your website can get a chunk of that!
  • Over 5 billion Google searches are made everyday.
    • With our comprehensive SEO and personal touch to your website, some of these searches will lead to your website.

Build and Strengthen your Brand

We will help you build and strengthen your brand, whether that includes logo creation, a particular "style", this brand means this, etc. One of the most important aspects of a website is a return user or even a new user of your website recognizing your website, even if they don't see your website name. It's like, oh... I know these people. Being recognized by who you are and your brand is extremely important. We can help you build and strengthen your brand so everyone who's ever seen you or heard of you should know you. Take social media for example. If you see the Facebook logo, or the Instagram logo, or the Twitter logo, you know who it is, even though you don't see the name.

Relevant Content Inclusive

We will add the relevant content to your website during the development stage. After development, you'll have a choice for us to continue work on the website in which we will continue to add content for you or for you to take over, in which, you would be responsible for adding content.

Establish Credibility

We will establish credibility for you through an amazing customer experience, which includes an aesthetically pleasing design, functionality, and customer satisfaction (in regards to use on the website).

Search Engine Optimization

This is the cheapest way to drive traffic in comparison to paid advertising. With our comprehensive search engine optimization you have high chances of ranking high in Google. If your website ranks high in Google for commonly searched words, you will surely drive a lot of traffic to your website. We will provide the best quality SEO on the market today covering all known aspects of Google's algorithm for indexing. We will not promise to list you on page 1 of Google. Any company that does is a scam. No one can promise to list you on page 1 of Google as it is SOLELY up to Google's algorithm where to rank you. We won't make promises impossible to keep. However, we do promise to provide high quality SEO in which you have excellent odds of ranking high in Google's searches.

Client-Side versus Server-Side

You have the option of a client-side or server-side website. A server-side website uses database integration whereas a client-side website does not. Client-side websites are cheaper but is generally for information only websites. User input is limited, login / register systems usually don't exist on client-side websites, etc.


WordPress is an option for us to create for you. Our WordPress developers are experts in WordPress with a vast knowledge of the many themes available, plugins, and how to edit core and theme files. WordPress is probably your best option if you're looking to make regular changes, updates, notifications, and blog posts yourself as WordPress allows for easy accessibility even to those with no technical knowledge. The website you're at now (jaguarwebdev.com) is an example of a WordPress website. We decided to use WordPress as our main company website because of the frequency we add new information - it's just easier that way. Don't confuse you adding content frequently with your users adding content frequently. WordPress is excellent for you to add content frequently, sometime your users too. However, there are different scenarios, such as... social networking or dating websites, where content is frequently added by theĀ user. Wiki-type of websites are also good for the user to contribute content. We can do all that, but those aren't WordPress websites.

Unlimited Options

If you have an idea, we can probably make it happen. We have programmers who are experts in writing code and scripts in order to bring your feature ideas to life!


There is no one cost, each website will have to receive an individualized estimate based on the ideas and features you wish to include. However, we can say this... we are most likely cheaper than everyone else. We try to do that to help your business succeed. Because, let's face it... if your business succeeds, our business will succeed